Lucky Interview

In einem Interview hat der Herr Caws von Übersee etwas Interessantes zum neuen Nada Surf-Album gesagt, nämlich folgendes:

Let’s talk about the sound to the new record. How would you compare it to Let Go, The Proximity Effect, and The Weight Is a Gift?

Matthew: I feel like it is a pretty heavy record, and that is a product of John Goodmanson, the guy who made it because even the songs that were even moderately rocking – now that they are mixed and mastered, they feel like they are really kickin‘ even when they are relatively quiet, so that’s thanks to him. I think it is a little heavier than Let Go, but it’s not as heavy as The Proximity Effect. I don’t think we’ll ever make another record that has that much „ka-blam“ – that was a really super-expensive record. Back then, even a song like „80 Windows“ we were like, „It’s so wussy and slow!“ And looking back, it’s not. Then on the next record we had „Blonde on Blonde“ which seemed so insanely quiet, and now we are just getting over that. We are maturing slowly into not really giving a shit what it seems like, you know?

Außerdem stehen auch noch sehr viele andere interessant Dinge in diesem Interview, dass das Album schon komplett eingespielt ist, aber auch, woher die Idee für „your legs grow“ stammt, usw., kann man sich meiner Meinung gern mal alles durchlesen. Viel Spaß dabei.

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