Die Stars haben ein Rundschreiben zum neuen Album verfasst, welches ich so sehr mag, dass ich es hier veröffentliche. Bitteschön:

Well, beautiful listener,
School is back. The cold is back. And in a moment of perfect timing, we are too. Today, The North comes to you, through the wires or the needle or flimsy silver disc. It means everything to us that you’ve decided to listen again, let us in again.
Like we always do, we got caught up in this thing and we gave it everything we had, so we really hope that you love it and find a place for it in your life for a while. Who knows, maybe forever…

Would it be ok to give you a few tips on how to listen to this record?
Turn it up, first of all – the devil is in the detail, it wouldn’t hurt to have a view.
But most of all, listen for you in this record.
You are all over The North.

Without you. Without a listener, none of these songs make a sound or leave a mark.? The North, in a very real way, from this day forward, is yours.

Thank you for letting us play these songs. It’s made this whole thing possible. And thank up for spending a little hard earned money on the music we make. You fucking rock.

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xo stars

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